Pueblo, CO

Carbon Management Workshop: Colorado

A conversation about carbon capture, transport, and storage in Colorado

April 2, 2024

Pueblo, CO


Hosted by Climate Now, and sponsored by the Department of Energy, this event featured a series of educational sessions and discussions designed to inform and engage local communities on the topic of carbon management. The event was an opportunity to ask questions about how carbon management works and what role it plays in local and global decarbonization strategies. A particular focus of the workshop was examining how carbon management projects get developed, and how local community stakeholders can be involved in project planning to ensure such projects provide local benefits. Community members, educators, local government officials, and local industry leaders were encouraged to attend.

The EPA is partnering with DOE and Climate Now in the development of this Workshop. 

The EPA is authorized by the Safe Drinking Water Act to develop requirements and provisions for the Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program. This program regulates the injection of fluids (such as water, wastewater, brines from oil and gas production, and carbon dioxide) into the subsurface for the purposes of storage or disposal. The main goal of the UIC Program is the protection of Underground Sources of Drinking Water. The UIC regulations include six classes of injection wells, including Class VI wells which are used to inject carbon dioxide into deep rock formations for geologic sequestration. For more information, visit the EPA UIC Class VI webpage

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) logo is an identifying trademark of the EPA. The EPA logo is used here with permission for informational purposes only. EPA does not endorse any non-federal organizers, partners or other entities related to this event.

Partnership Opportunities

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