How it works

High-quality content

Through Climate Now’s vast network of outside experts, our in-house subject-matter expertise, and our full suite of creative production capabilities, Climate Now facilitates the creation of top-quality audio, video, animated, and in-person content to help share critical information about mitigating and adapting to climate change and the energy transition.

Shared values

Climate Now preserves editorial control over all content that we produce with outside partners. The Climate Now logo appears on all content that we produce. We only work with organizations who are interested in presenting scientifically validated information about the state of our planet, and potential paths forward.

Quality control

Climate Now content is researched and fact-checked by subject matter experts. We endeavor to supply citations via hyperlink for all statements of scientific fact in our video and podcast transcripts on the Climate Now website. If you cannot find a citation, please reach out to us at contact@climatenow.com.


We do not discriminate against any industry, political orientation, or community. Our priority is to provide the accurate information that society needs in order to make the best possible choices about our shared future.