Merced, CA

Roads to Removal: California 

Authors of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Roads to Removal report examine regionally-specific opportunities for carbon dioxide removal to address the pressing issue of climate change.

February, 2024

University of California, Merced


Hosted by UC Merced, Climate Now, and the Livermore Lab Foundation, this symposium brings together community leaders, scientists and local experts in the greater Central Valley region to examine the opportunities and challenges of developing local carbon dioxide removal programs in response to climate change and its impacts. The focus of the symposium is how the Roads to Removal report – a comprehensive region-by-region analysis of the costs, impacts, job opportunities, and potential of carbon dioxide removal methods in the United States – can serve as a guide to support the equitable and sustainable development of CO2 removal in California’s Central Valley in a way that directly benefits its residents and complements existing environmental and economic development goals in the region. The symposium is free to attend and open to the public. 

Partnership Opportunities

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