Series 01

A Climate Change Primer

The Climate Change Primer Series sets forth key concepts relevant to understanding climate change and our global energy system. Topics covered include how we know that human-caused climate change is really happening, where our emissions come from, the costs of climate change, frameworks for projecting future climate scenarios, the social cost of carbon, and summaries of potential solutions.

Series 02


In this series, we examine a wide spectrum of climate and energy technologies and processes. Videos feature subject matter experts who help us explain technical function, cost, scalability, and other pros-and-cons. Technologies covered include biofuels and feedstocks, nuclear energy, direct air capture, carbon capture and sequestration, wind, solar, battery technologies, forest carbon, soil carbon, waste processing, cement production, steel production, green buildings, hydrolysis, and others.

Series 03


There is a rapidly growing body of research on the progress of climate change, negative emissions technologies, the economics of climate change and the energy transition, policy levers, and other topics relevant to charting a course toward a negative carbon future. Our Research video series distills and explains the latest research that our audiences should be aware of and understand, and features leading scientists, economists, and policy experts.

Series 04


In this series, we explore different ways to decarbonize transportation, energy, industry, and agriculture. Videos feature subject matter experts who help us explain technical function, costs, scalability, and other pros-and-cons to different technologies and policies that can help us decarbonize.

Series 05

Mini Explainer Series

These videos are short, less-than-2-minute explainer videos on important concepts and definitions relating to climate.