Climate Now Episode 167

July 9, 2024

Sustainable Aviation Fuel – Episode 2

Featured Experts

Bruce Fleming
CEO of Montana Renewables

In this Episode

Sustainable aviation fuel can use a variety of feedstocks, from used cooking oils to oily seeds. When those feedstocks are heated under high pressure with a catalyst, the process produces hydrocarbons – the essential component in fuel. This process is called HEFA, Hydro-processed Esters and Fatty Acids. One company using this process to produce sustainable aviation fuel is Montana Renewables, based out of Great Falls, Montana, where they reconfigured equipment previously used in petroleum refining.

In part two of our sustainable aviation fuel series, we’ll be sitting down with Bruce Fleming, who serves as Executive Vice President of Calumet Specialty Products Partners and CEO of Calumet subsidiary Montana Renewables. Bruce will take us behind the scenes of the biofuel industry, discussing Montana Renewable’s approach to feedstocks, infrastructure, and and other challenges to scaling SAF.


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