Livermore Lab Foundation announces partnership 

with climate media company Climate Now (climatenow.com)

A multimedia resource for the Climate Decade


New York, NY: The Livermore Lab Foundation (LLF) today announced a new science partnership with Climate Now (www.climatenow.com) designed to advance the discourse on climate change and solutions to achieve carbon neutrality. The unique collaboration will feature in-depth expertise from leading energy scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), one of the nation’s premier national security and research facilities. 


“We are honored to partner with Climate Now, and their in-depth and expert-led approach to understanding climate and energy science,” said Sally Allen, executive director of the Livermore Lab Foundation. “Our Foundation is dedicated to helping the general public and students of all ages understand the science and engagement needed to address carbon neutrality. The research at Lawrence Livermore National Lab is helping shape this national discussion and this partnership will highlight that expertise.” 


In the energy space, LLNL is working to predict and understand climate change security challenges and develop solutions for future adaptation. In 2020, LLNL authored the seminal report, Getting to Neutral, which identified a path forward for California to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. More than 100 scientists, engineers, and researchers at LLNL are engaged in climate resiliency efforts with the goal of identifying practical applications and solutions.  


Dr. Roger Aines, Chief Scientist of the Energy Program and the Carbon Initiative at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, said, “One of Livermore Lab’s most important missions is to share information about climate solutions in ways that are unbiased and easily accessible. Climate Now has the highest standards for those goals.”


James Lawler, founder of Climate Now, said, “Achieving global net zero emissions is now an urgent challenge facing investors, business leaders, and policy makers. To meet it, they will need to understand practical paths forward, and the science that underpins key concepts in climate and energy science. Climate Now’s mission is to provide that understanding from experts in the climate and energy space through our videos and podcast conversations. This science partnership involving Livermore Lab aligns with all of our organizational goals to provide factual, unbiased information.”


Climate Now works with leading scientists and experts to create high-quality video and audio content on the science of climate change and the energy transition. Its goal is to root the conversation about climate change in hard science, while simultaneously making it accessible to a broader global audience. Through podcasts, videos and newsletters, the content explores answers to tough questions about the impacts of, and solutions to, the climate crisis. All content presented by Climate Now is reviewed by experts, and citations to academic literature are provided for all statements of fact on the climatenow.com website.


Founded in 2016, the Livermore Lab Foundation is a 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization dedicated to advancing fundamental science and research initiatives, STEM programs and fellowships at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, founded in 1952,  provides solutions to our nation’s most important national security challenges through innovative science, engineering and technology. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is managed by Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration.