Series 2: Technologies Episode 4

October 5, 2021

Carbon Dioxide Removal: Forests

Featured Experts

Susan Cook-Patton
Senior Forest Restoration Scientist


Susan Cook-Patton

Senior Forest Restoration Scientist

Susan Cook-Patton is a Senior Forest Restoration Scientist at The Nature Conservancy and author of the Reforestation Hub: an effort to identify reforestation opportunities around the US to increase carbon intake.

In this Episode

Planting trees has become a bit of a cliché in the fight against climate change, with ubiquitous photos of presidents and CEOs planting a tree to show they’re serious about climate. But, how much impact on atmospheric carbon dioxide can tree planting really have?

In the first episode of a series on carbon dioxide removal techniques, we explore the potential and the limitations of using forests to draw anthropogenic carbon emissions out of the atmosphere.