Series 2: Technologies Episode 7

December 20, 2021

Carbon Dioxide Removal: Mineralization

Featured Experts

Pol Knops
Founder of Green Minerals


Pol Knops

Founder of Green Minerals

Pol Knops is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Green Minerals, a tech company using olivine to mineralize CO2 and turn it into functional products like concrete and paper.

In this Episode

There are several methods of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – both natural and technological – and each method has its tradeoffs.

Carbon mineralization is the most secure option for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) as it permanently sequesters CO2 in the crystal structure of minerals.

But the natural mineralization process is too slow to keep pace with the rate of manmade CO2 emissions. So scientists are finding ways to speed up the process.

In Climate Now’s latest episode of our series on carbon dioxide removal strategies, we explore how the mineralization process works and how it can be enhanced to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on a large scale to help mitigate climate change.