Series 2: Technologies Episode 1

July 27, 2021

Clean Fuel: Hydrogen Fuel

Featured Experts

Ben Wiley
Duke University Professor of Chemistry


Ben Wiley

Duke University Professor of Chemistry

Ben Wiley is a Professor of Chemistry at Duke University where he studies materials and methods for improving the efficiency of water electrolysis to create hydrogen for energy use.

In this Episode

Hydrogen is uniquely qualified as a storage of clean energy because it is abundant – the most abundant element in the universe – and it can be produced using renewable energy.

When consumed in a fuel cell, its only byproduct is water, making it ideal for our net-zero emissions future.

Hydrogen, however, also comes with unique challenges, such as high inefficiency during production and transportation difficulties.

Climate Now host Dr. Ozak Esu details the benefits and trade-offs of hydrogen with the help of Duke University Professor of Chemistry Dr. Ben Wiley.