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Climate Now is a multimedia platform distilling the key science, technologies, and policies relevant to the climate crisis.

Running Time: 1 min

Date: 05.15.2021

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James Lawler
Climate Now Host


James Lawler

Climate Now Host
James Lawler is the founder of Climate Now. James started Climate Now as a way to learn about climate change and our energy system. Climate Now’s mission is to distill and communicate the science of our changing climate, the technologies that could help us avoid a climate crisis, and the economic and policy pathways to achieve net zero emissions globally. James is also the founder of Osmosis Films, a creative studio.
Video Episode 1.0 Transcript

How do we know the climate is actually changing? How do we know that humans are the cause of that change? What are the likely costs of climate change? How does our energy system work? Where do our emissions come from? What are the costs of various climate change mitigation strategies? what policy opportunities and pitfalls might lie along the road ahead? And what technologies exist either today or that are in development that might help us change course?


Climate Now is geared toward policy makers, investors, business leaders, reporters, and really anyone who wants a deeper level understanding about the climate and a better energy system. Visit climatenow.com to subscribe to our video releases, our newsletter, and our podcasts where we’ll interview top experts from the field of climate science and energy science. We hope you enjoy.

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