(Old) Partners

Climate Now partners with mission-aligned organizations in order to enable our rigorously researched video and audio programming.

Climate Now is made possible, in part, by science partners like the Livermore Lab Foundation. The Foundation supports climate research and carbon cleanup initiatives underway at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, a Department of Energy applied science and research facility. More information on the Foundation’s climate work can be found at https://livermorelabfoundation.org.


EDUCATIONAL ENGAGEMENT  Data shows that ambitious corporate climate action is critical to maintaining a habitable planet but it is also critical to attracting and retaining an engaged, high-quality workforce. Climate Now provides a suite of multimedia materials to inform and engage employees and other stakeholders interested in better understanding climate, sustainability, and the energy transition.  Learn more here.

SPONSORSHIP  Mission-aligned organizations can sponsor Climate Now content and support our goal of distilling and communicating key climate and energy concepts through engaging and scientifically rigorous video and audio for a global audience of change-makers.

CONTENT CREATION  Climate Now creates custom content that combines the expertise of our network of climate and energy experts, the highest production quality, and scientific integrity. Everything we produce at Climate Now has a clear educational motive, and meets a high standard of ethical and scientific consideration.

CORPORATE IMPACT  Climate Now provides bespoke consultative services to assist companies to develop science-based climate action strategies.  These services include internal stakeholder education, and facilitated engagement with the best external partners to create and execute decarbonization plans across emissions reduction, supply chain decarbonization, renewable energy procurement, carbon accounting, carbon offsetting, and other areas.


All partnerships with Climate Now are held to a high ethical standard, outlined in our Code of Ethics. Climate Now conducts an internal assessment of each potential partnership to ensure it will meet our criteria. Climate Now reserves the right to terminate a partnership if it is deemed that the content is misleading, “greenwashing,” not factual, or in any way a violation of our code of ethics.

Climate Now content is rigorously researched and fact-checked by subject matter experts. Citations are provided for all statements of scientific fact in our video and podcast transcripts on the Climate Now website. Climate Now has preserved full editorial control of all content that is published on the Climate Now website, and on other platforms where Climate Now-branded content is displayed.

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Climate Now, please fill out the form below or reach out to Margot Gould, Senior Director of Partnerships, at margot@climatenow.com.