Climate News Weekly Episode 161

June 4, 2024

Climate News Weekly: Kenya’s president visits US, DOE announcements, Microsoft’s AI emissions, and more

In this Episode

Climate News Weekly is back to cover the week’s biggest stories in climate news. Emma Crow-Willard and co-hosts Julio Friedmann (Carbon Direct) and Heather Clancy (GreenBiz) begin by discussing why the OECD’s $100 billion in climate finance for developing nations is better late than never. Later, the team covers international stories, including record-breaking temperatures in New Dehli and Kenya’s president visiting the United States to discuss climate goals and trade. Next, our hosts cover the US Department of Energy’s announcement of its principles for integrity in the voluntary carbon market. The team rounds out this week’s news by digging deeper than the headlines on Microsoft’s emissions hikes, attributed to the company’s AI operations – but not for the reasons you may think.


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