Climate Now Episode 152

March 26, 2024

How climate changes where people live


In this Episode

In the U.S. alone, 162 million people will experience a worse quality of life due to the changing climate within the next 30 years. Rising sea levels stand to displace 13 million Americans in the long run while wildfires and other risks are likely to displace millions more. With 3.2 million American climate migrants to-date, it’s time to start thinking about what our country’s future might look like.

Even these statistics may be vast underestimates because nailing down someone’s exact reason for moving is harder than it may seem. So, how do we determine what factors influence people’s decisions to move? Why is climate migration about more than beating the heat? What history brought us here and where are we headed? This week’s episode with investigative journalist and author Abrahm Lustgarten will answer these questions and more.


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