Climate Now Episode 150

March 21, 2024

Charging Electric Fleets (3/3)


Featured Experts

Kianna Scott
SVP of Workforce Development, ChargerHelp!

Walter Thorn
SVP of Product and Strategy, ChargerHelp!

In this Episode

In 2023, electric vehicle drivers reported that, when pulling up to one of the more than 140,000 EV public charging stations across the United States, something went wrong about 21% of the time, leaving them unable to charge their vehicles. Such unreliability in charging availability could be crippling to what needs to be rapid growth in the EV market, and produces particular challenges to fleet operators considering EV adoption. They will be dependent on reliable EV charging to ensure their business remains operational and on schedule.

Increasing the reliability of public EV charging is a two-part problem: 1) understanding what causes charging failures in a system that is a combination of electrical hardware, computer hardware, and software, and 2) having a workforce that knows how to solve the problems. In the final episode of our series examining the fleet charging landscape in the US, we are joined by Kianna Scott and Walter Thorn of ChargerHelp!, a company that offers charger support services, and charging technician training certification programs. We will discuss why we need specialized training to develop a workforce that can service EV chargers, and what kind of servicing infrastructure will be necessary to support the expansion of a widespread and reliable national EV charging network.


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