Podcast 1.7

Housing Market Climate Risk with Amine Ouazad

Sea levels are rising, storms are worsening, and flooding is consistently exceeding FEMA’s 100-year floodplain maps. Yet, an increasing percentage of new mortgages are used t...

Katherine Gorman James Lawler
Podcast 1.6

Climate Projections with Sergey Paltsev

Dr. Sergey Paltsev, Deputy Director of MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, spoke with Climate Now hosts James Lawler and Katherine Gorman about cl...

James Lawler Katherine Gorman
Podcast 1.4

Government’s Role in Climate Action with Caroline Spears

Hosts Katherine Gorman and James Lawler interview Caroline Spears, founder and executive director of Climate Cabinet, a nonprofit that helps local, state, and federal candidates ru...

Katherine Gorman James Lawler
Video 1.2

How dirty are we?

Global greenhouse gas emissions reached a staggering 52 gigatons of CO2-warming equivalent in 2020. Our episode puts this number into historical context, parses our global emissions by country and economic sector, and delves into the key economic and demographic drivers of emissions worldwide.

Ozak Esu James Lawler
Video 1.1

How we know it’s happening

How do we know the climate is changing? How do we know that change is being caused by human activities? Climate Now video hosts Ozak Esu and James Lawler delve into the science that answers these questions with MIT climate scientist Kerry Emanuel.

Ozak Esu James Lawler
Video 1.0

Welcome to Climate Now

Climate Now is a multimedia platform distilling the key science, technologies, and policies relevant to the climate crisis.

James Lawler
Podcast 1.1

Climate 101 with Kerry Emanuel

Dr. Kerry Emanuel, professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT and co-founder of the MIT Lorenz Center discusses how we can solve climate change.

Katherine Gorman James Lawler
Podcast 1.0

Climate Now Introduction

Welcome to the Climate Now podcast, hosted by Katherine Gorman and James Lawler. Climate Now is a multi-platform resource on the science of climate change, covering the key scienti...

Katherine Gorman James Lawler